VentureBloxx is here to empower the mass adoption of web3 and blockchain.

Venturebloxx is a Venture Studio and Full Service Web3 Agency.

we make web3

a reality today

We help startups and NGOs with their discovery and transition from Web2 to Web3.

We build and grow early-stage startups and scaleups to make Web3 a reality today. We provide the most promising Web3 founders with resources, connections, and funding to succeed globally, make Web3 a reality, and reduce the risk for VCs.

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Venturebloxx is a Venture Studio and Full Service Web3 agency. Together with our global partner network, we help startups and NGOs from ideation to tomorrow's reality.

venture studio

We select the most promising Web3 startups to become part of the Venture Studio.

Do you want to get your Web3 startup idea or MVP off the ground?

We help you validate, build, get funded, and grow your startup.

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web3 Agency

Do you want to grow your business and need support on Fundraising (including NGOs), Strategy, Tokenomics, Product, Marketing PR, Operations, and Legal?

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Venturebloxx is interested in but not limited to Web3, blockchain initiatives focusing on:

Pharma Logistician Using IoT Based On Blockchain

infrastructure, tools & services


ai, zero knowledge

DeFi, ReFi, Digital identity and reputation, Onchain credentials, Data and Analytics, Privacy, Insurance, Wallets, Platform aggregators, DApps, Layer 2, Infrastructure, Tools, DAO, Middleware protocol, Cross-chain, DEX & AMM, Synthetic Assets, Decentralized storage

Web3 social media platforms, NFTs, Music, Entertainment, Digital Assets

Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), Cryptographic protocols, Blockchain privacy, open Web, Deep & Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data

ecosystem partners

and many others are joining us

Our web3 Ecosystem

Our network of Web3 experts and other service providers help to navigate the main challenges building for Web3.

Our extended Partner network Blockchain, DeFi, NFT, Crypto, and Web3, in general, gives exposure and facilitates growth for the startups and other companies we work with.

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Domain Expertise Partners

Web3, DeFi, blockchain, NFT

Web Community


Web3 startup & NGO community

We give instant access to a tight-knit community of exceptional peers. Our founders support each other, share advice, form partnerships and build together.

Investors get access to a portfolio of startups characterized by a lower risk of failure allowing investors to make a structured investment in early-stage (from 0 to pre-seed) startup companies due to our structure and process.

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Venturebloxx´s teams are always ready for you to validate, build, launch, and scale your Web3 startup. We help the selected startups develop their businesses by providing a full range of hands-on services, such as:

Business Model, Pitch Deck, Whiteper, Tokenomics, and DAOs

Legal, Finance, and Audit

Marketing, Branding, Community, Socials, Content, and asset creation

Product Management, Design & Development

Investor readiness, Fundraising, Investor & VC outreach

Go-to-market, Growth

Team as a service

We empower founders worldwide, while always ensuring the inclusion and diversity of our team and portfolio companies.


We aim to link NGOs with the Web3 world, assisting them in raising funds through new channels effectively.

We offer advisory services to Web2 NGOs on their Web3 transition, scout innovative solutions, educational programs, Web3 & blockchain sessions, concept development, full-service Web3 marketing, and PR services.

We help you to become part of the Web3 ecosystem by connecting you with key players and providing you with solutions.

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Let's make web3 a reality together

Startups & NGOS

We are interested in innovative web3, blockchain startups solving real-life problems, and NGOs entering this space. Apply to get selected for our Venture Studio or share your needs with our Full Service web3 Agency.

VCs & Investors

You can grow your portfolio companies in the web3 space with us. We offer investment opportunities and provide on-demand talent and web3 expertice.

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Our partners are experts in Blockchain, DeFi, NFT, Crypto, and Web3. They add value to our Venture Studio startups.

Would you like to become a part of our Web3 ecosystem?

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